ATTN: Busy Parents!  

Developed by Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, as seen in...


Virtual Field Trip #1

Classroom Chalkboard

Let your child watch and learn…

  • Simple steps to protect their mind from harm
  • What butter, jell-o and tofu have in common with their brain
  • A dozen ways to grow their brain at breakfast and recess, every day
  • And more!

Hosted by Zainy and Nedrick

Want to disarm disastrous behavior when something unexpected happens?

Keep the takeaways from this next field trip in mind…

Course Companion Activity Book for Parent-Child Bonding

PDF (Downloadable!)

Enjoy engaging games and discussions for each video. You’ll create meaningful memories with your child while helping them learn and retain important information and tools. 

VALUE: $47.99 

    FREE - when you enroll from this page



 Proactive Parents & Grandparents 

If your child persistently struggles with...

🤬 tantrums

🙉 not listening

🌪️ sweeping mood swings

🏃🏻‍♂️ never sitting still

🙄 strong-willed defiance

🤕 aggression

🫣 not paying attention

🫠 meltdowns

…no matter how consistent, caring, and loving you try to be…


The SOURCE of your PROBLEM is located 5 inches above their shoulders: 


Your Child's BRAIN.

Informed by our medical clinics’ 230,000+ brain scans,
80+ published scientific articles, and
Success stories from 2 million+ users of our Amen Clinics Method…


We can prove it. 

And now, you can improve it. 


The on-demand brain development video program that edu-tains your child towards better behavior and brain health, informed by Education Veteran and Ph.D. Dr. Jesse Payne and cutting-edge neuroscience from internationally renowned double board-certified Child Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Yes! Give My Child the Brain Thrive Advantage, Now!

Better Brain. Better Behavior. Guaranteed.

After watching the videos, engaging in the exercises, and practicing what they learned, you’ll see improvement in your child’s behavior and brain healthy habits. If not, just email us before Day 30 for a full money-back refund. 


Daydreamed about what it would be like to finish your errands AND eat at a restaurant with ZERO meltdowns from your youngster… 

Declined social invites for fear of public embarrassment if your child starts a shouting fit, complete with thrown bottles and floor pounding (always on the dirtiest floors, while you’re running late)…

Fantasized about how it would feel to read glowing report cards from your kid’s teachers…

Craved calls from other parents saying how polite and nice your kid is to have over…

Looked around a car full of screaming / exhausting / messy / misbehaving / loud kindergarteners...and asked yourself, "How much longer until they grow out of THIS?!"

Begged Amazon to PLEASE just offer up something educational that’ll actually help your kid become a better, smarter person who's fun to be around and better behaved...

…Brain Thrive is for YOU. 

Finally, I can foster my child's brain development
…without comparing them to “kids their age”
…dragging them to expensive STEM classes
…spending a fortune on “brain toys” they ditch in 12 minutes 🙌


“Play kits” that expect you to have endless time, patience and energy to figure out (even IKEA pros are stumped 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Wastefully scrolling through endless Google / YouTube / Pinterest searches for quality, fact-based content (instead of posts from Mommy Bloggers or texts about Things Your Mother-in-Law Did and Your Spouse Turned Out Just Fine...)

Living in fear that Babysitters will talk and no one will ever agree to watch your kids again (not even for the king's ransom you're offering).  

"Creative Activities" that seem amazing on Instagram…but in real life, turn out looking like a cookie monster vomited on your kitchen counter (despite spending a small fortune on crafts materials your kid will never play with again).

Feeling torn between showing up well for the job you need…and having the energy and mental fortitude at the end of a workday to do something meaningful with your child.

…Brain Thrive is for YOU.


We Did The Research (So You Don’t Have To)

Science-Backed Solutions For Better Development
Straight at the Source:

Your Child’s Brain

Doctor Designed
by Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist Dr. 
Daniel Amen

Educator Informed
by Dr. Jesse Payne, Ph.D., with 25+ yrs of teaching experience 

Kid Approved
by youngsters across America 
and the world

Parent Trusted 
By 1,694+ Responsible, 
Proactive Parents

Head, Shoulders, and BRAIN Above their Peers

A Full Month of Nightly Brain Betterment and Bonding (30 Videos)

Through 6 Virtual Field Trips and 30 video expedition stops, guided by a cast of colorful puppets as they reveal the essential tools for life success and better behavior that begin in your child’s brain.

Play it NOW…
and AGAIN…
and AGAIN…

All episodes are unlocked and available instantly on demand, whenever you and your kiddo want. As many times as you want. For as long as you want (that’s right -- unlimited access is YOURS).

All Devices Welcome

Stream from your phone, laptop, tablet and any other wifi-enabled, browser-based device.

Screen Time Safe & Engaging (for Even the Easily Distracted)

Relax: each edu-taining video is less than 10 minutes in length. Flexibly fit to any schedule, by filling in the rest of your play time with the guided bonding activities. 


For 4- to 7-year-olds (even ambitious 3-year-olds), with a seal of approval from education PhDs, curriculum development experts, and child psychiatrists.

Help is a Comment Away

Got questions? Our certified brain health coaches quickly answer your questions and comments, directly inside your course dashboard.


You already KNOW you want to raise mentally happy, healthy, smart and successful kids. 

…but how do you get there?

With the measurable outcomes from Brain Thrive 25 in hand…

We knew we’d found The Way!

And finally, we can show it to YOU.

You don't need to be a PhD, M.D., or neuroscientist like us to teach these skills to your kids.  

Thanks to Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1, you can give the gift of brain development to your 4-to-7-year-old children, from the comfort of your home and device. 

So Easy, Even Your 4-Year-Old Can Do It

For starters, we took the proven high school curriculum from Brain Thrive by 25. This way, we can be sure EVERY child is getting the brain health ESSENTIALS they need to set their BRAIN up for success in everything they do. 

Then, we boiled the curriculum down to 5 pillars of brain health for early childhood development. 

When your child gets these, they'll have both the foundations and the developmental skills to excel mentally, socially, emotionally, and in their relationships with you and others.

We tailored each concept to be age appropriate, so your little one can grasp and apply the takeaways, right away. 

So that your child is edu-tained and engaged with every lesson…

We transformed each pillar into a themed virtual field trip. 

And delivered the lesson by puppets! 

During each virtual field trip, your puppet host will make 5 video expedition stops to guide your child through the fun facts and skills they’ll need to boost their brain in that area. 

We fun-sized the video length to suit kid's attention spans and make them screen time safe. 

And finally, we made you activity sheets for each expedition stop, so you can help your child explore what they learned while strengthening your bond.

Here’s how this translates to YOUR life: 

When you REALLY want to foster your child’s development and spend quality bonding time...

…but you don't have the stamina to build out activities and learning curriculum

…and your energy is already zapped after a long day

Here’s Your Game Plan:

Start Boosting Your Child’s Brain & Behavior TONIGHT

  1. Watch a virtual field trip video together (~8 min)

  2. Play through the engaging activities (~15 min) we paired with every lesson

  3. Enjoy the bonding and learning time, while building skills that will serve your child immediately AND for the rest of their life (don’t be surprised when you find YOURSELF learning new things about your brain, too!) (~ as long as you like!)


“Mommy, can we grow my brain, today?”

Leading the Way in Science-Based Parenting
(that your kids actually ENJOY)

We’ve supplemented the enrollment rate for Brain Thrive so that
You Can Invest in Your Child’s Brain Development
For LESS than…

The national average cost of a babysitter for 1 child is $17.26 per hour.

(Or a LOT more, when word gets around the neighborhood that you’ve gone through your 3rd babysitter this month…) 

To cover all the activities and videos in Brain Thrive, that’s $198.49 worth of edu-taining you’ll be saving PLUS the brain health benefits they’ll take with them for life (unlike the multitasking-on-phone-while-microwaving-dinner babysitter’s example…).

Your Savings: $198.49

With 30 video lessons and matching activities, if you did one a day each weekday, you’d be able to fill 6 weeks worth of afterschool STEM programming you can do at home with your kids WHILE strengthening your bond. On average, parents report paying an extra $33 per week for after-school STEM programs, so that adds up to...

Your Savings: $198.00

Wanna save even more? 
Replay the videos and activities all over again!

Now, let’s look at the other side of the equation.

What’s the

If your child’s brain health isn’t strong and they have to see an elementary school tutor, that runs an average of $46.50/hour. At 3 days a week for a 16-week semester, that’s…

Your Savings: $4,464.00 in tutoring per academic year

Good mental health comes from good brain health, which could save you a year’s worth of weekly therapist visits at a national average of $150.00 per session. 

Your savings: $7,800.00 this year alone



Save Their Brain. 
And YOUR Wallet. 

Looking back, it seems so obvious:
 If I want my kid to be smarter or better developed -- I should DIRECTLY help their brain!

When you realize Timmy’s* tantrum is a result of his lunch turning his brain into this:

Additional Bonus Not Pictured Here:

*15-year-old boy, actual Amen Clinics patient brain scans, before and after. (Patient's name has been changed for privacy.)

You no longer blame Timmy. 

You no longer blame YOURSELF for fuming at Timmy, shouting and scolding…out of sheer exhaustion and hopeless frustration that all your previous parenting tactics have failed you. 

You simply heal his brain. 

And soon, when Timmy’s brain looks healthy and normal, like this:

…he’ll be feeling, thinking, and acting better

…while thanking YOU.  

Brain Thrive is how we’re building a mentally strong family.


When & How To Use Brain Thrive

Every Night, When You Think
“I’m Exhausted. But I Don’t Want To Neglect My Kids”

When a long day doesn't make you want to turn your kitchen into an exploding volcano forest...but you deeply want to go to sleep knowing you're helping your child form the life skills and brain development to be a smarter, respectful, self-controlled and happy person...Brain Thrive is your solution. 

✅ Rainy Day Rescue 

Let Brain Thrive be the engaging activity you and your kids look forward to, especially when you can't get outside or squeeze in other activities. 

✅ Meaningful Bonding Time, Any Time

Designed to fit your schedule and balance edu-tainment with engaging activities, look to Brain Thrive to make your time together filled with quality, no matter the quantity. 

❌ Immediately Before Bedtime

Brain Thrive video lessons are way too stimulating and exciting to watch before falling asleep. Save them for an hour or two before sleepy time, instead. 

4- to 7-year-olds (even ambitious 3-year-olds) are the perfect learners for Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1. We structured the content around their key developmental milestones and educational curriculum standards, in addition to our expertise as a Board-Certified Child Psychiatrist and PhD in Education.

Mayo Clinic recommends that children ages 2-5 cap their daily screen time at 1 hour. We fun-sized each video lesson to maintain your child’s attention and teach them easy-to-apply brain health facts, in around 8 minutes or less.

That means, your child can watch up to 7 Brain Thrive video lessons per day and still be within a safe limit.

For even better results, remember to mix in the bonding activities and interaction exercises we give you. That way, your child isn’t just absorbing the content. They’re playfully engaging for better long-term retention while making happy memories with YOU.

When you get Brain Thrive for your child, answers are about 6 inches away – Just post your question under the video lesson that inspired it, and our certified brain health coaches will quickly answer you, directly inside your course.

  • *Wall Street Journal's Future of Everything:
  • *Cost of STEM offerings:
  • *Cost of Tutors:
  • *Cost of Therapy:
  • *Merikangas, K.R., He, J., Burstein, M., Swanson, S.A., Avenevoli, S., Cui, L., Benjet, C., Georgiades, K., Swendsen, J., (2010). Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders in US Adolescents: Results from the National Comorbidity Study-Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A). Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 49(10): 980-989. doi: 10.1016/j.jaac.2010.05.017
  • *Screen Time recommendations:

Sneak Peek1

Check Out The Places You’ll Go and

The Things Your Kiddo Will Know 

Thanks To Their Brain Thrive Adventure

Focus, Attention & Good Decisions

Virtual Field Trip #2

Capitol Steps 

Your child will discover…

  • An intro to their Boss Brain, The Prefrontal Cortex
  • Where good decisions and planning happen in their head
  • How to help their Boss Brain when distractions and unexpected changes strike

  • And more!

Hosted by Gibson

"The most important skill kids need is emotional regulation.

- Wall Street Journal
2023 Future of Everything Festival, on Parenting

Trade Tantrums for Mindfulness

Virtual Field Trip #3

Zen Garden

Sigh with relief as your child learns… 

  • A go-to mindfulness exercise teachers and child psychiatrists depend on to U-turn angry meltdowns in a matter of minutes (You’ll want to commit this to memory!)
  • How to identify and express their feelings calmly and productively
  • The secret to “I Feel Statements” that empower them to take control of their emotions (not the other way around)

  • And more!

Hosted by Willow

Think Better to Behave Better  

Virtual Field Trip #4

Imaginative Yellow Star Room

These 5 videos pack the power of leading child psychiatric practices into bite-sized bits your child will gobble up. Featuring…

  • Surefire ways to stop the blame game (parents and siblings, rejoice!)
  • How to hard pass on pouty pessimist complaints
  • Sturdy foundations for thought management that will serve them for a lifetime
  • And more!

Hosted by Dennis, Zainy and Nedrick

Cultivate Kindness, Love and Cooperation
 (the Brain-Savvy Way)

Virtual Field Trip #5

The Farm

Prepare to be proud, when you see your child practicing what they’ll learn here…

  • The roots of resilience, when they recognize their own strengths
  • Secrets to stable self-esteem
  • Brain-based Anti-Bully techniques
  • And more!

Hosted by Millie Mae

Want to proactively raise a loving, kind child?
…don't miss this. 

Early Childhood Parenting is Messy.
 So, We Made You Some Neat


Banish Boredom:
Savvy Parent’s Guide for Training Your Kids to Self-Entertain
(without gadgets or flamethrowers) 

TRAINING PDF (Downloadable!)

From Dr. Daniel Amen and President of the leading parenting institute, Love and Logic, Charles Fay, Ph.D: uncover the secret to never again hearing, “I’m Bored.” Introducing, your go-to guide for how to slay boredom at the source and run effective Boredom Training Sessions. We’ll show you how.  

VALUE: $29.97 

    FREE - when you enroll from this page


Sneak Life Skills Learning into Storytime: 
Captain Snout And The Superpower Questions Reading 

MP3 (Downloadable) + Video Storytime Read by Dr. Amen

Give your child the skills to slay the 4,960 problems they’ll fight daily inside their own head – negative thoughts. Taking the essentials of cognitive behavioral therapy every child needs to know, Dr. Amen tells a playful story of Captain Snout the superhero anteater. When emotions run hot, you’ll want to have this MP3 saved to your phone! 

VALUE: $49.99

     FREE - when you enroll from this page


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Whiny, Blaming, Stubborn Behaviors.
…this is your exit. 

Last Stop!
Trip Down Memory Lane.

Recap for Better Recall and Retention

Virtual Field Trip #6

The Pixelated Playground

Like looking at an animated highlight reel, this virtual field trip recaps the best Brain Thrive lessons and activities so you and your child refresh and remember what matters most.

Hosted by Ralphy

Dr. Amen Answers Your Questions

Pediatricians And Child Psychiatrists Around The World Are Begging You:


The way Brain Thrive addresses your child’s brain health to promote better behavior is only the beginning. 

There’s a bigger battle at hand—

Defending your child against mental health problems.

Because the fact is:

Most MENTAL HEALTH issues are 
Actually BRAIN HEALTH issues.

We’re talking about brain-based issues like…

Anger fits
Lack of self-control 
High-Risk Behavior
And beyond.

Worse, most children with symptoms don’t get help for an average of 8 – 10 years.

In that time, and left unaddressed, these mental health struggles can lead to dark places…

50% of students age 14+ with a mental health problem drop out of high school 

70% of youth in state and local juvenile justice systems have a mental health issue

90% of 10 – 24-year-old suicide victims had an underlying mental health problem

Make no mistake:

A mental health crisis amongst our children has already arrived.


Here’s the good news:

Our research at Amen Clinics, and the worldwide psychiatric field overall, has found:

Most mental health issues are PREVENTABLE

You can optimize your child's brain or heal it if necessary, prevent problems, and help them achieve optimal mental performance.

Other experts might address the symptoms of struggling mental health…

But nearly none teach you how to help the brain systems behind them.

That explains why so many drug- and risk-prevention programs fail. 

And another reason that Brain Thrive is set apart.


Brain Thrive proactively prevents mental health problems by giving your child the facts and strategies to protect, restore, and operate their brain at its peak.


That’s a life-changing outcome. 

And it’s available to you, right now, through Brain Thrive.

80% of chronic mental disorders begin in childhood.

Today, 1 in 5 children suffer from a mental health or learning disorder.*

Most mental illnesses are PREVENTABLE.

Yes! Protect My Child's Brain!

YES! You're getting my: 

"Better Brain & Better Behavior Guarantee."

Investing in your child's brain development should be a No Brainer. 

So we make it EASY and RISK-FREE for you.  

After watching the videos, engaging in the exercises, and practicing what they learned, we guarantee that you’ll see improvement in your child’s behavior and brain healthy habits. 

If not, just email us before Day 30 for a full money-back refund.

It’s that simple. And 100% risk-free. 

YES! Give Me That Guarantee!

"My child is super picky and easily distracted. 
Is it true that I can try Brain Thrive for a full month? 

And if my kid doesn’t love it,

I can still get my money back?”

So you can quit your unpaid gig as the 
“In-House Activity Counselor…”

For when you’re sick of repeating yourself
like a parrot…

4 Step System To
Train Little Ones to Listen
 (The First Time) 

PDF (Downloadable!) + Sticky-Note Sized Checklist 

The trusted System for saying “sayonara” to counting down and “I’m serious, Mister!...” from the leaders of internationally renowned parenting institute Love and Logic.  

(You'll want to save this to your phone or tape it on the fridge so you’re reminded the instant you need it!) 

VALUE: $39.97 

    FREE - when you enroll from this page


To give your child the #1 tool for emotional control…
So you can stop fearing grocery store meltdowns,
 restaurant food fights, and
 pre-apologizing to everyone on the plane…

Because even if all Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1 did was...

...create a handful of happy bonding moments and laughs you shared together

...give the Babysitter something constructive to do, for the small fortune you're forking over for her time on Saturday nights

...teach your child ONE brain fact they remembered that helped them feel and think better

...give YOU the interesting, hot new tip on a science-backed educational approach to share with The Parents Group this week how dedicated you are to giving your kid every advantage in life your carpet...the dog's fur...and your LAST pair of glitter-free pants...from another Instagram-inspired arts and crafts project gone wrong...

...plant a seed of brain health knowledge that blossoms years from now

...Even just ONE of those would be worth it, right? 

 Hurry to Give Your Child a Head Start (Literally)

Every day, your child’s brain health is either improving or eroding.

 Get them on the right track so they ca
n enjoy the benefits for the rest of their life. 


When you give brain benefits to your kids today,
they'll enjoy compounded interest
for their entire lifetime!


Invest in My Child’s Future, NOW!

If they NEVER learn these skills – 
How much will brain health problems or decreased mental performance cost your kids,
over the rest of their life?

The information presented in this Amen University program is the result of years of practice experience and clinical research by Dr. Daniel Amen and the Amen Clinics. The information provided, by necessity, is of a general nature and not a substitute for an evaluation or treatment by a competent medical specialist. If you believe you or your child are in need of medical interventions, please see a medical practitioner as soon as possible. 

This page design was created by Slidesgo, and includes icons by Flaticon and infographics & images by Freepik

© Amen University              For Support: Contact Us Here

Brain Thrive features fun-wrapped brain facts and exercises scientifically shown to promote: 

  • Better Behavior
  • Intelligence
  • Mood Management
  • Tantrum Reduction
  • Compassion & Kindness
  • Greater Focus & Attention

…And that’s just the beginning! 

That's great news. Because if you’re like most parents when they discover Brain Thrive...

You're already worrying about your little one's milestones.

Their motor skills...language growth metrics.

But what are you doing for the SINGLE organ that will make-or-break their future?

Please, give yourself some credit.

You’ve really tried!

Maybe you fought your way up the waitlist at the Good Kindergarten. Tried the baby apps. Books. Babysitters.  

But those attempts keep coming up short, don’t they? 

After all…

Daycare doesn't care as much as you want them to. Grandma, Babysitters and Nanny can't be expected to lesson plan. School doesn't develop all the skills your kid needs to succeed. And what everyone else is doing won't give your child a head start. (It'll just keep you keeping up.)

So now, about half-a-decade into your child's life…

Some days feel like your endless self-sacrifice and sleep deprivation are met with entitlement, tantrums, and blood curdling shrieks from a 26-inch-tall tyrant.

And YET, when you FINALLY topple into bed, after painstakingly extracting Legos from between your toes... 

You STILL worry—

"Am I doing enough?

Are they hitting their milestones?

Are they getting the development they need at daycare/school...?

Am I teaching them the skills that’ll set them up for a better life?

I only get one chance at this stage of their I blowing it?"

If you’re here, odds are good that you want to be a great parent and raise amazing human beings.

What if the SECRET to better mental, emotional, and social superiority in your child's future…

Is as simple as giving them brain health basics, today?

It’s true! 

Brain Thrive is the way. 

So, if you want to improve your child’s behavior…while boosting their brain’s performance…and helping them avoid brain health issues that impact every aspect of their future success…

Here’s what you need to know:

Behavior is the expression of the problem,
not the problem itself.

Better behavior starts at the source – your child’s brain. 

And there's even BETTER news...

Having now performed nearly a quarter-million brain scans through my clinics, we have the world’s largest data archive that reveals:

With the right habits and guidance, 
we can recover from and even prevent
most symptoms of mental health issues from ever starting.

That’s the solution you’ll get, inside Brain Thrive. 

The Life-Changing Question
Every Parent SHOULD be Asking is:

What am I doing to directly improve the health of my child’s BRAIN?

You’re the best Grandma EVER! 🙏

The kids won’t stop talking about those brain videos and games you gave them!


They’ll Love You For Bettering Their Brain
Whether Your Job Title Is…

Uncover The Brain-Based Tools to 


…Because parenting is a LOT EASIER, when kids’ behavior is a LOT BETTER






 To Build Your Bond AND Their Brain
(without ransacking a crafts store)…

Get the Most Trusted, Science-Backed Strategies that
Leading Neuroscientists and Child Psychiatrists Swear By to

Literally, Give Your Child a Head Start
And Proactively Prevent Mental Illness

From America’s Most Famous Child Psychiatrist & Neuroscientist Dr. Daniel Amen



 ATTN: Busy Parents 

Get The Best Science-Backed, Stress-Free Strategies to
Boost Your Child's Brain Development 
(in just 18 min a day)

Uncover The Brain-Based Tools to


…Because parenting is a LOT EASIER, when kids’ behavior is a LOT BETTER

Here's What You're Getting, Today

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Give My Child Brain Thrive, Now!GET STARTED, NOW!

Which Path Will You Choose?


Trying Your Best To Raise Capable, Resilient, Strong Kids

 Finally, Help is HERE 

As parents, we're bombarded with so-called “brain development” programs offering quirky exercises that leave you empty-handed of the actual TOOLS to nurture and protect your child’s brain. 

That’s a BIG problem. 

Because not knowing what hurts, helps, and sets your child's brain up to thrive is a major reason why millions of well-intentioned parents are making tiny decisions that actively harm their child’s brain health...


...every single day.

It’s happening in plain sight, during everyday parenting choices like...

✅ What you fed your child for breakfast
✅ What they do in their free time
✅ Who they played with yesterday
✅ What time they went to sleep last night
✅ How many times they said "thank you" over the weekend
✅ What's in their neon sippy cup
...and on and on...

These micro-decisions have consequences that will define your child’s future career, health, grades, relationships, and accomplishments.

Why? Simply put: 

Your Child's BRAIN is The Single Most Important Factor in their Overall Development 
(yet MOST parents are completely ignoring it)

That's where Brain Thrive Pre-K - Grade 1 comes in. 

We've discovered the most effective, easy ways to improve your toddler's brain health. And we put them all inside the ultimate on-demand video course your child will actually enjoy watching. 

Even better, the routines your child will learn inside Brain Thrive can help protect their brain from future decline and mental health problems.

That’s the advantage you'll give your child, when you get them Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1, today.

Get Started, Now!

 Verified by Independent Scientific Researchers 

Brain Thrive Gets RESULTS 

Your child’s health is precious. That’s why, as a doctor and neuroscientist, I only recommend solutions with scientific support. 

So, before ever making Brain Thrive curriculum available to the public, we tested the curriculum in American schools.

Independent scientific researchers tracked students’ progress from start to finish. The results were stunning.

In just 3 short months, middle and high school students who took the Brain Thrive curriculum reported better brain performance, better mental health, better decision making, and reduced bad behaviors

Even more specifically, students had statistically significant improvements in...

Get Started, Now!

Here’s why this great news matters to toddler parents like you— 

Finally, you don’t have to wait until high school to boost your child’s brain and set them up for success. 

Proactively start today, with Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1.

Brain Thrive Pre-K – Grade 1, MSRP: $299.00

All 4 Exclusive Bonuses: $167.92

TOTAL VALUE: $466.92


  Autumn Enrollment Sale: just $197  

  Autumn Enrollment Sale: just $197  

⬇ drug & alcohol use

⬇ depression

⬆ brain performance






Get The Best Science-Backed, Stress-Free Strategies to

Boost Your Child's Brain Development 
(in just 18 min a day)


The on-demand brain development video program that edu-tains your child towards better behavior and brain health, informed by Education Veteran and Ph.D. Dr. Jesse Payne and cutting-edge neuroscience from internationally renowned double board-certified Child Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Give My Child's Brain a Head Start, Today!